The new year is looming and instead of the usual hum of anticipation and optimism we are once again plagued with uncertainty. So, why not set yourself for a happier work environment in 2022 by laying down some positive New Year resolutions?

Maybe you find yourself starting a new role, or perhaps events over the last couple of years have dampened your spirits. With COVID still dominating the headlines, having some motivating goals to look forward to can really boost mental wellbeing.

Here are our 10 top tips for a happier workspace in 2022!


1. Customise your desk area

Adding a personal touch to your desk makes it more inviting and can help to lift your mood. While it’s wise to keep decorations practical, you can definitely be creative! Ideas include:

  • Photos of your family, friends or pets
  • Inspirational quotes that inspire you
  • Small toys with sentimental value
  • Stress relief gadgets for high pressure days
  • Use arts and crafts to customise drawers or pen pots
  • Bring in your own personalised stationery


2. Bring the outdoors, indoors

Studies have shown that greenery can have a positive impact on our emotions and, depending on the variety, can smell great and even improve air quality. The addition of a desk plant can be a great low-key way to enhance your space. Choosing a low maintenance species such as cacti also removes the need to arrange care during annual leave.


3. Move your body

Staying active is proven to improve physical and mental health and sit-down roles can make this more challenging. There are several ways you can keep moving at work. The Canopi offices have several walking routes that offer a scenic backdrop and a dose of culture, perfect for a lunch hour. However, there is no need to venture far to increase your step count! Drinking more water will ensure you get out of your seat, for obvious reasons. You can also take calls standing or grab a headset and go mobile.


4. Plan to socialise

Pencil those payday get-togethers into the diary, as social interaction is a great way to let off steam and connect with colleagues. Though we may not know right now how this may be impeded, we are all for having something to look forward to!


5. Collaborate

The working environment is becoming more open plan, perfect for idea sharing and operating collaboratively. Aim to network with other users in shared workspaces, or actively connect with the departments within your own organisation that you wouldn’t normally work with.


6. Create new workplace traditions

Whether a weekly team lunch at a local cafe, a Friday afternoon pop quiz, or even a shared mindfulness session, there are many mood boosting activities you could introduce.


7. Manage your workload

Keeping on top of your workload is sure to reduce stress levels. Tips to help with this include:

  • Delegating responsibly
  • Staying organised
  • Keeping a diary
  • Writing a to do list
  • Prioritising
  • Working SMARTly


8. Declutter your space

Having a spring clean will assist in the management of your workload and ensure important documents don’t get lost and forgotten. Making sure you dispose of used crockery and food wrappers is also helpful. Tidy desk, tidy mind.


9. Go paperless

If you haven’t already, it may be time to reduce your paper consumption. Not only is this great for the environment, which needs all the help it can get, but it is also great for efficiency and productivity. Less admin, less mess, less resources, less expense.


10. Practice mindfulness

Yoga, breathwork, and meditation are all excellent ways to refocus and reset. If you can’t find time before or after work then why not squeeze it in during the day? 5 minute meditations at your desk can help you centre if your day is trying. Or if the weather is great, you could grab a mat and stretch out your angst in a local park.

Flexible working space can facilitate this new, happier environment by offering flexibility and fluidity that is unparalleled in other workplaces. You will have the freedom to network and hot-desk, with access to all the essential resources you need.

Plus, more and more employers are starting to introduce smarter ways of working to boost performance through improved mindset and staff morale. So, if you are interested in shared office spaces, why not check all the facilities that Canopi can provide and start 2022 off on the right foot!