Whether you have a fixed desk contract or a coworking space there are many benefits of shared service office space vs renting a business premises. Shared offices allow businesses access to a professional address, broadband connection, equipment, and meeting spaces without the responsibility of property maintenance and utilities. This environment is useful for both organisations and the people that work within them. Here are some of the key advantages that come with sharing an office.

Provides flexibility and room for growth

For small start-ups or even one-man-bands, a coworking environment provides the freedom to work when and where is most convenient. With hot desking and short-term desk hire options readily available, you can get out of the house and into a fully equipped building that is fully prepped to get into a more productive mindset. For big business, fixed desk rental allows you to reduce and increase your desk allocation to reflect your businesses needs without the need to relocate. Thus, providing an opportunity for growth without limitation. Not to mention, with flexible contract terms, you never have to feel trapped or restricted.

Reduces unnecessary business overheads

With our fixed desks, only pay for the space you need, plus your utilities and business rate, with the maintenance costs and the other financial pressures facing companies opening their own offices. All the benefits of having your own office, with none of the responsibility or pressure.

Take our coworking facilities for example, you not only have furnished spaces but reliable WiFi and broadband, access to meeting and conference spaces, onsite support and more. Plus we have kitchen facilities, showers and storage for bikes for everyone.

A space to focus without distraction

One for the homeworkers and freelancers, coworking provides an environment where you can focus on your work without the distractions of day-to-day life. If you have distractions at home, or perhaps limited resources, heading to a fully equipped office is likely to help improve your productivity. As a result, you may find you achieve better results.

Friendships and networking opportunities

A shared office space may put you in contact with many other businesses, often with similar professional objectives and social values. Canopi for example, houses several social enterprises and charities, who have a shared objective to support communities and causes in need. Proximity to like minded, and even un-likeminded, helps strengthen communication and build relationships. Also, it is an opportunity for sharing ideas and knowledge, encouraging creativity, helping to problem solve and can even challenge beliefs and facilitate debate. All of which can help businesses to learn, adapt, develop, and grow. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make a friend or two along the way?

Secure desk space and start benefiting today, with Canopi

As you can see, there are many benefits to foregoing self-managed premises and sharing office space. The Canopi offices located in Borough, Old Street and Hounslow, offer all the financial and operational gains mentioned and plenty more! Just contact the team to discuss our current fixed desk and coworking offers and discover the advantages for yourself.