Although charities are established to help those who need it the most, this doesn’t mean that their costs magically disappear. There are a lot of operational costs including office rental that social sector organisations need to face.

Because of this, it makes sense to look for different ways to lower costs, and that’s just one of the benefits of a charity coworking space.


What is a coworking office space for social sector organisations?

A coworking office simply means that you will share office space with one or several other organisations.

As a charity, it makes sense to share with other charities, as you’re all working for the greater good, and this can help to ensure you continue to brand your organisation well.

Plus, you can make the most of shared meeting and conference rooms, as well as a range of other facilities.


The benefits to sharing office space with charities

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that you are going to be able to reduce your expenses considerably. Since you are sharing the space with other like minded people, not only does the setup become more flexible, so does the price. This means that more money can go to delivering services towards your social mission and the charitable causes that need it the most.

We also cannot ignore the networking opportunities that come from a shared workspace. You will be able to meet with other volunteers and charity workers who share your passion. You can use this to benefit one and another by hosting events together or combining your efforts on a fundraising project for example.

You will also gain access to shared spaces that you otherwise would not be able to if you simply rented your own office. The coworking spaces at Canopi come equipped with furniture, and the option to use conference and meeting facilities. While using convenient hot desks, you will be able to work in the manner that is most productive for you.

Finally, coworking spaces do push people out of their comfort zone. While it can be a bit challenging at first, it will help to drive creativity and innovation forward, which are two critical ingredients that charities need to survive and thrive in the current climate. Considering different perspectives and looking at things differently will fuel innovation, which can harvest great results for your charity.


Final words on coworking office spaces for charities

So there you have it: an insight into some of the different benefits that are associated with a coworking charity office space. Not only is this a great way of reducing your expenses, but you can leverage facilities you otherwise would not have been able to while also boosting your brand image as well.

If you want to experience sharing Coworking space with other charities and social organisations, Canopi are currently offering you 5 free trial days at selected central London locations. Contact us to book your place.