You might have heard that millennials are a self-absorbed generation, but that’s an unfair characterisation. In fact, millennials are socially conscious and eager to help others—traits that make them an attractive target for charities looking for volunteers and donors. The question is: how?


Create meaningful relationships

Millennials are more inclined to care about an issue if they feel like they’re part of the solution. They want to feel like they’re making a difference in the world, but they’re wary of being asked directly for money or volunteering their time. Instead, social sector organisations should appeal to them on a deeper level if they want to build meaningful relationships and inspire participation in their campaigns. While some of these connections may not yield immediate financial rewards, they will pay off with a new wave of volunteers—and potentially more donations from those individuals as they become financially secure later in life.


Use their love of social media to your advantage

Millennials have grown up with constant access to technology in every aspect of their lives, so it only makes sense that they have developed tech-savvy habits. This generation is especially drawn to organisations that can communicate with them in an authentic way—and arguably, the most authentic way to communicate with millennials is through social media.

With over 70% of millennials using Facebook daily, organisations can reach a large number of people by creating a Facebook page. An organisation’s Facebook page can be a hub for sharing information about their work and events they’re hosting. With many social channels including Instagram and TikTok becoming more popular, organisations sharing content on social media is a great way to show the impact of your work and engage your followers while also providing an opportunity to showcase your brand. Whether it’s an image of your organisation at work, a video series featuring volunteers who are doing good in their community, or even a behind-the-scenes look at what you do. Social media is the place to show off your organisation.


Tell a compelling story

Millennials are tired of being spoken at. One of the best ways for you to engage with millennials is to tell an engaging story. Like many others, millennials are also looking to make a difference, but they need to know that their donation will make that difference.

Millennials want to know how their donations will be used and where they’re going, so give them concrete answers on how they can be part of your organisation. It is generally good practice to show them the impact they will have on your cause and let them know how much it means to you that they want to help out.


Allow for spontaneous donations

Millennials have a higher expectation of instant gratification than previous generations. They expect to be able to donate on demand, so make it easy for them. With mobile apps that allow for easy donations, there’s never been a better time to give. Mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay enable users to donate with a simple swipe of their finger.



Each social organisation has its own goals and strategies, so it’s impossible to paint the entire nonprofit sector with the same brush. But, as long as you remain accessible and transparent, we think you’re more likely to attract millennials and reap the benefits of reaching them.

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