Businesses have more recently been changing the way they work, whether it is relying on shared space, working from home, or a mix of both. With an increase in hybrid working, we have seen an uplift at Canopi for the need for flexibility, and the option to hotdesk.

Flexibility is something we pride ourselves on offering all of our members, whether they are individuals or full teams. So in this article, we explore the benefits of hotdesking and how it can benefit your team:

Increased productivity

When you work in an open office environment, it’s easy to bounce ideas off each other and get feedback on projects. It also encourages collaboration and sharing of ideas, which can lead to increased productivity and more efficient working practices overall.

Team building

Starting a business or nonprofit can be challenging, but so too is managing a team. Hotdesking spaces provide a great opportunity for team members to get to know one another better, which will lead to greater efficiency and productivity. We guarantee that every member of your team is sat together for easier collaboration and team building.

No contracts

There are no long-term commitments or annual membership fees. Canopi offers flexible hotdesking options for as little as £30 plus VAT per day.

No hidden charges

At Canopi we believe that being transparent about pricing is fundamental to good business practice. We work hard to keep our rates simple and affordable so that you don’t have to worry about hidden costs when using our spaces.

Hotdesking spaces are more flexible than traditional office spaces

The most common reason why people choose to work in a shared office space is flexibility. Although you still have overheads when opting for a shared workspace, this works on a day rate basis and comes with an added layer of flexibility that a conventional dedicated office does not provide.

Brining your team into a flexible environment not only reduces your level of commitment but also increases flexibility within the workplace, great for those introducing a hybrid working model within their organisation.

Grouped together

Canopi’s hotdesks for teams guarantee your team will be seated together. This isn’t just about making sure everyone sees each other’s faces every day; it’s about encouraging more communication between team members. When you’re working with people online, there’s a lot of potential for misunderstandings. Proximity helps alleviate those kinds of problems by making it easier for everyone to communicate quickly and effectively.


Hotdesking spaces generally have a community feel which means there are always people around working hard or socialising together over coffee – it’s a great way to meet new people and network with like-minded individuals.

Our mission

Our mission is to help charities and social organisations thrive by providing a space where they can focus on what matters most – their mission.

Canopi’s workspaces are not just about providing people with a physical space to operate from—they’re about designing a conducive environment for dialogue, creativity, problem-solving, learning, and innovation.

Our setup is not only beneficial to individuals, but also for teams in a variety of situations. Whether you’re working on a project remotely with coworkers; or just looking for a place to meet, our hotdesking spaces provide a collaborative environment without any distractions.

If you’re unsure which space is best for your team, check out our website to find the right fit, And contact and speak to a member of the Canopi team

No matter the size of your organisation, we would love to welcome you (and your team) at one of our London locations. Get in touch with us today.