For some people remote working may work well but for others as work demands grow, so too does our need for interaction with other professionals. We need a place for brainstorming sessions, client meetings, and impromptu staff lunches; somewhere to retreat when our creativity is flowing but we don’t want to be disturbed.

Shared office communities are more than a means of fulfilling social needs. When teams develop relationships within a hotdesking community or within a shared serviced office environment rather than in their own space, they can discover new opportunities for growth that can transform their organisations.


Work among other social sector organisations that are driven, innovative, and passionate about their mission

Shared office space is perfect for charities, offering convenience and cost savings, but it also provides something that these organisations value even more: a community.

If you’ve been working from home or in coffee shops, you know it can be hard to stay motivated and inspired. Working in a shared office space with other nonprofits can help you stay accountable for your own goals. Having people around you who have similar values will always help keep you focused on the bigger picture, and when everyone is working toward the same thing, support and assistance are much easier to come by.


Our mission is to facilitate the growth of those who help make our world a better place

Canopi is a social enterprise that provides flexible workspace, meeting facilities, and event space for UK and international charities and other social organisations that are working towards positive change in the world. Our spaces are all about people and their passions—helping them to collaborate, learn, and share the skills they need to do good in their communities. We recognise each other as change makers who are using our gifts and talents to make an impact on our communities. Collaboration creates opportunities for mutual benefit and growth. So it’s not just about providing a space for social impact organisations; it’s about creating community.

We are passionate about what we provide, and unlike most other landlords, we are a charity too. By being so close to the cause, we can understand the pressure and the challenges that you face in growing your organisation. We strive to create an environment that allows you to feel calm and focused on what is important to you.


Canopi is a hub for change-makers

We all know that the home office can be isolating and uninspiring, which is why we’re so excited about our plans to create an amazing hotdesking space in Southwark, London. Along with offering a comfortable hub for collaboration, this shared workspace also provides opportunities to interact with like-minded members of the community for inspiration, advice, and support. Watch for updates about the project, and if you would like to register your interest in advance, please contact us through our contact page.

We can help you take your social organisation or company to the next level by providing affordable event space for your employees and clients, as well as providing a warm, inviting work environment for your team.