We all like to believe that helping others is a selfless act. However, the truth is that helping others can be just as beneficial for the helper as it is for the helpee. Those with an increased sense of empathy are likely to experience a greater level of personal satisfaction from supporting those in need. As such, these people may consider a vocation centred around this to maximise job satisfaction.

Understanding empathy

To have empathy is to have the ability to put yourself in the shoes of another and share the views and feelings they are experiencing. It is being able to flip your perspective to get a greater understanding of how others are viewing the world. It is possible to experience empathy on three levels, a compassionate level, an emotional level, and a cognitive level.

Charitable causes

Particular suited to the cognitive empathiser who is able to view struggles without emotive response, charity work can be a hugely rewarding venture. What’s more, charity work comes in many forms to suit a multitude of skill sets, from office-based charity work, to a more hands-on role such as face-to-face fundraising, event management, or awareness generation. Charity workers commonly have a strong connection to the cause they support, whether directly or indirectly. Alternatively, someone’s talents may instead lend themselves to work for businesses who help to sustain these charities, such as social enterprises and CICs.

Other professions

Medical professions, particularly nursing, are well suited to empathetic people who can be both compassionate AND logical in their approach. With substantial responsibilities that can impact lives, these roles require someone who is capable of proactive decision making as well as understanding the potential impact they may have on the individual and their family and friends. 

Being a carer is a highly rewarding vocation that requires an empathetic nature and plenty of patience. Consideration of the dignity and feelings of the individuals you are responsible for can be challenging, and those lacking in empathy may struggle. This is a popular role for those not looking to pursue the challenging qualification process involved for careers in medicine.

Another area for consideration is the childcare sector. Whether centering your efforts in education and cognitive development, child protection services, or physical and mental health this can be a highly rewarding career move for empaths with a passion for the wellbeing of our next generation.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring, and here at Canopi we are always eager to share our progress and latest updates with you. Not to mention, we love hearing about the successes of those who carry out their important work from our shared offices spaces across London. We are always looking at ways we can improve our facilities, so that these fantastic social enterprises and charitable organisations, and the dedicated empaths that work within them, can continue to support others.