The UK’s capital city has one of the most diverse culinary environments in the world, with thousands of restaurants catering to all kinds of tastes and requirements. However, while this is great for foodies who are looking to explore new and exciting flavours, it’s also putting a lot of pressure on the planet.

Canopi’s Borough office is a stone’s throw away from some of the best sustainable restaurants in London, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourites! Whether you fancy a quick bite to eat or a sit-down meal, there are lots of choices within walking distance from our office.

By choosing a restaurant that is committed to ethical and sustainable practices, you can ensure that your meal not only tastes great, but will also be doing good for the environment!

If you’re looking for a place to eat that ticks all your boxes and doesn’t compromise on taste, look no further. There’s something here for every type of eater. So gather your friends and head over to one of these great restaurants.


The Roebuck

3-minute walk

The Roebuck, an independently owned pub, really is taking the world by storm with its ethical values. Known for its fantastic beer and ales, it’s also built a reputation as one of the best restaurants in town. It has received a number of awards for its approach to ethical sourcing, and it is committed to developing meaningful relationships with its suppliers.

For more information, check out the Roebuck Green Team blog.



10-minute walk

Borough Market has been around since 1756 and is considered one of London’s most historic food markets. However, one thing has never been found in Borough Market, a fully plant-based restaurant. That’s where Mallow comes in. They are a fully plant-based restaurant that emphasises seasonal ingredients sourced from sustainable farms.


Gourmet Goat

10-minute walk

Enjoy delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes, made from local ingredients. Sustainability is the name of the game at Gourmet Goat in Borough. Everything from the way the farmers raise their animals, to their waste reduction strategy, is focused on having a low environmental impact, and that means you can feel good about eating a meal here.


Turnips with Tomas Lidakevicius

11-minute walk

Turnips are highly committed to sourcing the freshest produce from local farms and producers. They believe in making street food with the surplus fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be wasted. Turnips create new dishes and juices based on what’s fresh, turning produce into tasty food you can enjoy. They also own family-run greengrocers, located in both Borough Market and Greenwich Market.



20-minute walk

At Balance Kitchen, they believe in the importance of keeping our planet clean. That’s why they use recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, paper bags and wooden cutlery for their takeaway orders.

According to Balance Kitchen, supporting local businesses is a way of building up their community. By buying locally, they can support growers and suppliers who live in the area. Plus, they can help ensure the quality of the food they’re serving.



Ethical restaurants have a vital role to play in the world. A restaurant that supports local producers, farms and butchers can be an important part of a local community, providing employment opportunities, supporting local farmers and helping to educate diners about the importance of sustainability.

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